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2022-10-25 02:02:06 By : Mr. Sage Hu

According to Gina VanCant, a certified lactation counselor and co-founder of Project Milk Mission, an institution dedicated to breastfeeding education primarily for communities of color, there is no one breast pump that is right for every mother and situation.

Because of this, finding your best option might involve a lot of trial and error or having multiple pumps available for specific feeding needs. breast shield cushions

The Best Breast Pumps For Every Feeding Need | HuffPost Life

“Manual breast pumps are less expensive than electric models, quiet and handy for occasional expressing. But they can become cumbersome if used frequently, because you have to keep pumping the handle to create the vacuum,” VanCant told HuffPost.

Conversely, electric pumps, which VanCant said might be more convenient because they do the pumping for you, often aren’t as portable or quiet as a manual option.

“I’ve also found with my clients that the ability to adjust the suction strength [on electric pumps] is very helpful during expression time,” she added.

Whether you’re a pump-dependent feeder or the occasional pumper, VanCant said you can explore the the U.S. Food and Drug Administration breast pump database, which includes a variety of breastfeeding resources and information on pumps. It’s also worth mentioning that many insurance plans cover the cost of a breast pump.

Just ahead, we rounded up some of the most popular breast pumps among people who breastfeed and broke them down in categories. Find electric pumps with hospital-grade suction, a highly rated manual pump that mimics natural baby sucking behavior and wearable pumps that look nearly invisible underneath a shirt.

The Best Breast Pumps For Every Feeding Need | HuffPost Life

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